Milfiliciouscams.com livemonique.comLast modified May 19 2018Disclaimer This is simply a review not the Size Genetics website. Theres no shortage of companies touting pills as being the answer to your prayers when it comes to enlarging your penis. The simple fact is NO pill or supplement will give you a permanent increase in size despite the hundreds of ads telling you otherwise.I know because Ive used HUNDREDS of pills that all told me I would gain inches in my dk and most of them did practically nothing. But all hope is not lostThere ARE products out there that REALLY do work and Im about to tell you about one of them I personally got a chance to use for the last 6 months. Its called the Size Genetics Extender and its one of literally DOZENS of extenders on the market all claiming to help you grow your size quickly and most importantly PERMANENTLYIm going to talk a little bit about what the Extender is first but if youd like to skip ahead to my personal results note Youtube closed my account years ago but someone took the liberty of stealing my SizeGenetics review and posted it to Youtube. That really is me in the video aboveWhat Is It and Why Is It The Best Extender Ive UsedThe Sizegenetics device is a certified medical type 1 traction device and the only one of its kind available.Complete with the CE certification health stamp it has been designed to help you grow your penis up to 2inchesin as little as 6 months. This r